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Hometown: Hudsonville

Pets: Bane and Maverick

This is Jenn!  Bright. Beautiful. And our sweet, sweet receptionist.  Jenn started in November of 2018 with us and was an instant core team member.  A fast learner and patient customer care representative, she has helped impact Dorr Vet to grow to the expanded practice they are now.

A 2015 Hudsonville High School Graduate and local resident, Jenn comes with a distinct thirst for excitement and adventure.  Camping, hiking, and gatherings with friends bring her great happiness…..And Cream Cheese!  Girl loves Cream Cheese!

Mother to two handsome canines, Bane and Maverick, and a devoted daughter and sister.  Jenn is full of life and a perfect blend of sensitive and practical.  You are loved by this team and the clients Jenn, keep up the good work!