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Mr. Munk aka the “Gray Garfield”

Grounds Keeper

Hometown: Dorr, MI

Pets: Dr. Kayce, Molly, Ashley, Dawn, Robyn, Holly, Wendy, Sam, Jessica

Our Clinic cat, “Munk,” is one of a kind.  He is a 5 year old, domestic  short hair Tom Cat that we inherited from a client.  Munk loves Italian food, much like Garfield did!!!!!  Who are we kidding, Munk LOVES ALL FOOD!  He also enjoys long naps, small baskets and boxes, warm window sills and short walks to the litter box/food bowl.  Munk participates very well in all staff meetings, because lunch is served, and he never complains about home, because he has horrible outdoor allergies.  You may see him occasionally in the lobby to meet and greet friends that stop by to “see him” of course.