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Receptionist/Veterinary Assistant

Robyn has nearly 20 years of experience working in large and small animal veterinary practices. She has a small hobby farm comprised of several rescue animals, including horses, donkeys, goats, birds, dogs and cats.  Robyn is originally from Midland, MI and graduated from Dow High School there in 1996.  She then attended Delta College and Central Michigan University for an Associates in Liberal Arts in 1999.  Robyn has had terrific employment experiences in billing/coding, small business management and massage therapy.  We find her training in all these areas useful and her fun loving demeanor is just icing on the cake.

She loves the outdoors and nature and animals!!!  Robyn is so very at home in nature and thrives when it comes to activities like kayaking, canoeing, dirk bikes, dune buggies, and horse back riding. She enjoys her time with her dad, brothers and their families, but most of all her time with her animals.

To say Robyn is an “animal rescue saint” would be an understatement.  Robyn the “Rescue Lover,” has “Homer” a Patterdale Terrier, “Gus” a Pitbull X, “Boomer” a Blue Heeler, “Franklin” a MinPin, “Priscilla” a Doberman X and then a LIZARD!, chickens and a few cats too!  Robyn’s kids don’t stop there…..”Dan” the Belgian/Tennessee Walker horse cross, “Shadow,” “Dawg” and “Ghost” the Tennessee Walker horses, “Stella” the Appaloosa/Tennessee Walker cross, and “Moxie” the Quarter Horse.  Then there are her donkeys, “George,” “Tonka,” “Sassafras,” “Flower,” and mini donkeys “Calamity Jane” and “Annie Oakley.”  Her newest rescues are greeters here 3 days a week at our reception desk, “Idgit” the german shepherd and “Toad” a bulldog.

Robyn is our jack-of-all-trades here and helps us conquer all tasks large or small.  She drives our business daily with new client outreach and her heart for volunteering, has us speechless most days.  Robyn is as genuine and authentic as they come and we just love having her here.