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Hometown: Hopkins

Pets: Pasha, Rosie, Zoey and Smudge

Samantha is our kennel manager and another one of the receptionists who has been with us for eight years now. A graduate of Hopkins High School in 2013, she was born and raised in the area. She attended GRCC where she received an associate degree in Liberal Arts in 2016, before transferring to Western Michigan and graduating in 2019 with a Bachelor’s degree in Creative Writing and Literature. With plans to attend grad school in the future, Samantha is taking a couple years off before deciding where to purse her Masters.

Samantha’s house is never short of chaos with three energetic dogs and one mildly evil cat running amok. A sucker for any animal, she has a hard time not adopting every animal she sees on a daily basis. Each pet in her family has been adopted or taken in, the most recent being Rosie, a now two-year-old mix who comes to work with Samantha every day and may or may not judge you if you look at her wrongly (she will most definitely judge you).

Family is incredibly important to Samantha. A devoted daughter, sister and auntie, she spends as much time with her family as possible. Her sister was previously an employee at DVC a long time ago and likes to take credit for the fact that Samantha works there now.

An avid reader, Samantha takes every opportunity she can to sneak away with a book, get lost in the shelves as Barnes and Noble, or pour over her many manuscripts and wonder which one will someday be on shelves across the world.