Dorr Veterinary Clinic began with Dr. Ames Grobstein in 2000.  A Kennel was owned and operated in our building previously and then we converted the kennels and property to be what it is today.  We have boarding and grooming services as well as small animal products and veterinary care available all in one location.

Dr. Kayce Koski came to the practice in June 2015 and purchased it shortly there after.  Dr. Ames stayed present in the clinic until September 2017, to aid in the transition of ownership and mentor to the team on diligently doing good business with our community.  Our property has under gone a few more changes recently and now includes all of this: a beautiful home, garage, stand alone barn, large garden and a nice area for livestock to graze.  We recently lost our alpaca and llama pets, but we are still home to a dozen chickens and 2 goats.  Dorr Vet Clinic hopes to be adding to the family with 2 mini donkeys.  We will be creating them a beautiful pasture to enjoy to the South of the clinic and house.