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Veterinary Assistant

Education: GrandValley

Alicia is a veterinary assistant at Dorr Vet, who hopes to continue her education and be a veterinarian.  She will make an incredible vet and is on track to do so!  Every animal Alicia meets has a lasting imprint left on them, by her.  Her passion and desire for a bright future for each pet in the world is intoxicating.  She is a graduate of Port Huron High School and recently finished her bachelors degree at GVSU in Biology with a Pre Vet emphasis.  Alicia’s personality is completely infectious and down right irresistible and we truly believe she will go anywhere she wants to go in life.  We hope you have the pleasure of meeting and working with Alicia, we are honored to have her here learning and growing as we do.

She is pet mom to several fur babies, including Eros and Rusty (her Morkie and Sheltie breed dogs) and her cats Auribus and Kauli, a domestic long-hair and shorthair.