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Hometown: Kentwood

Pets: Maya, Molly, Shiloh

Jessica H. is our NEWEST groomer on staff here at Dorr Vet Clinic and we think she is second to none. We say she is the newest because we have multiple groomers that help maintain the work load here at Dorr Vet and our previous full-time groomer happened to be named Jessica as well, strange enough.

Jessica H. has gained knowledge and technique working with a large variety of dogs and experienced groomers in the Grand Rapids area. She joined our team in February 2018 and now has 3+ years of experience as a full-service groomer.  We keep Jessica very busy with a variety of pets and breeds, 4 days a week!!  She attends college for a degree in accounting as well.  Our Busy Busy Eager Beaver!!!

Previously Jessica graduated from East Kentwood High School in 2014 and she has a background in Human Pharmacy too.  Jessica enjoys all breeds of dogs and cats and has a great eye for detail.  These things help make her a very successful groomer.  We renovated the groom room into a beautiful salon for Jessica’s Grooming space here at our clinic 18 months ago.  These renovations will allow her to help service even more clients!  We enjoy our days with Jessica and she enjoys her time here, at her new home, and at the barn.  Jessica has a horse, a small dog named “Maya” and a pitbull rescue named “Molly.”