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Veterinary Assistant

Education: The University of Indianapolis

Hometown: Alto, MI

Pets: Milo

Trisha has been a receptionist and now veterinary assistant with us at Dorr Vet since early 2020. She is a Caledonia High School 2015 graduate and now has a degree from The University of Indianapolis in Public Health Education & Promotion. Trish was not just a college student but a college athlete! She played division 2 collegiate lacrosse and has the best team work and work ethic of any employee. Trisha won 2 Conference Championships and even took part in 2 NCAA Tournaments, while in college.

Now back at home in Alto, Trisha is mother to one tiny black little mixed breed dog. “Milo” is everything Trisha is!!!!!! In a dog! Mr. Milo is actually what lead her to Dorr Vet, when she adopted him from a mutual friend in the veterinary industry. Trish likes to be with people, and is often found with co-workers, friends, and family. She loves to travel and explore life.